Plastic tanks – variable capacity

Anyone who grows fruit knows: no two years are the same; sometimes it’s feast, and sometimes famine (occasionally somewhere in the middle!) If you’re making cider or wine this is most inconvienient, as you’ve got to have every possible size of fermenting vessel, and clutter up the attic/garage/barn with some that only get used every fifth year. Also, you need to top up the containers after the first fermentation, to prevent air spoilage, or put up with overflowing. No more! Help is at hand:

Previously normal for commercial cider and wine makers the floating lid tank, or variable capacity tank, has become plastic, and so become affordable! This solves both the above problems at once. The moveable lid means that if you have a good harvest raise the lid, and if it’s poor lower it. The added benefit is that after the virulent primary ferment is finished, the lid can be lowered to get rid of the air.
The seal around the rim of the lid is rather like a bicycle inner tube, and is pumped up with a special hand pump to the right pressure to get an airtight seal. The floating lid can be fitted with a special airlock (we strongly recommend) and a tap or hose at the bottom. (tube, pump, airlock and tap are available in our webshop). We can provide these fittings or you may already have your own. In any case we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this exciting new product, which comes in a variety of sizes (from 50L to 1000L).

Plastic Better than Steel?

Variable capacity plastic tanks
You may imagine that because this product is food-grade plastic it is inferior to the stainless steel, more expensive alternative. Strangely, we believe the opposite is true.

Firstly the stainless steel tanks have very thin walls, and if you bump them when moving they dent very easily. Even a small dent interferes with the up and down movement of the lid. The plastic tanks are tougher and less easily damaged.

Also, stainless steel tanks, unless washed with citric acid first, can produce a foul rotten-egg smelling ferment (hydrogen sulphide gas,) which is difficult to get rid of. Food grade plastic fermentation containers do not cause this problem.

Importantly the less variation in temperature of the cider/wine, the better the ferment and the better quality the end product. Plastic is a much better insulator than metal.

And finally, for those of us who are getting older, plastic is lighter than steel!

IMPORTANT: Prices include a dust lid, but not pump / tap / airlock / inflatable silicon tube.

These are available under “ACCESSORIES” in our webshop.

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