Hydraulic Pack Press VORAN 100P2(S) – Apple & Cider Press

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Voran hydraulic pack press 100P2(S) features a pair of trays, each equipped with two full sets of racks and cloths. This setup enables the loading of one tray while the other undergoes pressing. It can process 600 kg of fruit per hour. This traditional and cost-effective method efficiently produces high juice yields. The apple pulp is wrapped in cloth, layered between wooden boards, and pressed using the hydraulic ram. Known for their durability, Voran presses have been trusted by fruit processing industries since 1925.

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A semi-automatic hydraulic press featuring two sliding trays allows for the construction of one cheese while the other is undergoing pressing, effectively doubling the production rate. The cheese trays are manually placed onto and removed from the pressing platform. Once the pressing of one cheese is completed, the other can be shifted over the hydraulic pressing cylinder, positioned below to prevent oil contact with the mash or juice. This cylinder then raises towards the wooden press plate, applying optimal pressure for superior juice extraction, ensuring both quality and quantity.

  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Doubled production rate due to two sliding trays
  • Stainless Steel Packing Frame and Basin, along with a Powder-Coated Steel Chassis
  • On-board Pressure Gauge and Automatic Over-Pressure stop valve
  • Maximum pressure capacity of 380 Bar (equivalent to 5511 PSI)
  • Features a Press Cylinder positioned at the bottom to prevent oil from contacting mash or juice
  • Includes Acacia Wood Inserts and Press Plate for enhanced performance
  • Achieves high yield (over 75%) while maintaining excellent juice quality
  • Ensures quick juice extraction to minimize oxidation
  • Suitable for processing Apples, Pears, and various soft fruits & vegetables
  • Manufactured in Austria by Voran

Product Information and Prices

Technical dataVORAN 100P2
Supplied with18 press cloths 80 x 80 cm, 20 acacia wood press racks acacia 50 x 50 cm
Height juice outlet540 mm
Connection for juice outletø 30 mm
Juice yieldup to 75 %
Press pressure380 bar
Press force24 to
Materialpacking frame and juice basin in 1.4301 / AISI 304
Weight300 kg
Discharge height1 150 mm
Height1 510 mm
Width2 010 mm
Length1 240 mm
Electrical protection16 A
Connected load400V 50Hz (3 phases)
Motor rating1,5 (2,0) kW (PS)
Nominal rating kg/hup to 600 kg/h

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TypeCapacityMotorAccessoriesPrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
100P2(S)600 kg/h1.5 kw20 racks, 18 cloths£5242 + shipping£6290 + shipping


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