Hydropress LZH40 (40 litre)

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The hydropress is the simple way to press milled fruit just using the water pressure from a mains tap. Attach a hosepipe to the inlet fitting and turn on the tap. This slowly inflates the foodsafe rubber bladder, which presses the pulped fruit against the stainless steel basket/cage.

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  • Premium quality, all-stainless steel design (SAE304)
  • sturdy structure, long-term dependability
  • pressing from the inside out ensures quicker juice release than a traditional basket press
  • speed of pressing easily adjusted with your mains tap
  • no need to turn screw arms or build cheeses
  • no need to fix to floor
  • can exert pressure upto 3 bar
  • very high juice yields
  • rapid cycle times
  • low maintenance, fast and easy clean-up
  • 5 year warranty on all parts (except for seals and rubber parts)
  • to empty just deflate bladder with run-off tap

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions70 × 55 × 85 cm
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