Hydropress ZOTTEL
(35, 100, 160, 250 l) All-Stainless Steel Waterpress, Apple & Cider Press

£1,190.00 £991.67 ex VAT

If you have good water pressure, then a hydropress is probably the easiest way to press your fruit. But with larger hydropresses, if you want to safeguard your back, it is very important that you work with gravity when you empty the press. So all our big presses have a tilt frame for emptying the basket.

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  • pressing from the inside out ensures quicker juice release than a traditional basket press
  • simply turn on the tap and adjust for pressing speed
  • roboust tilt frame for emptying the basket
  • electropolished for additional protection
  • on wheels for easy movement
  • no need to fix to floor
  • all metal parts are stainless steel AISI 304
  • can exert pressure upto 3 bar
  • to empty just deflate bladder with run-off tap
  • stainless steel side handles on basket to help removal
  • price includes press bag and see clear plastic splash bag
  • made in Slovenia to the highest standards
  • 5 year warranty on all parts (except for seals and rubber parts)

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  • stainless steel recepticals, used in the video, can also be ordered with the press. Scroll down for details and prices

Stainless steel pots - Zottel


Product Information and Prices

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TypeVS 35VS 100VS 160VS 250
Price (incl VAT)£1190£2190£2390£3190
Price (ex VAT)£991.67£1825£1991.67£2658.33
Capacity35 l100 l160 l250 l
Length440 mm790 mm950 mm980 mm
Width440 mm730 mm850 mm880 mm
Height950 mm1210 mm1255 mm1465 mm
Press Basket (Diameter, Height)338 mm, 545 mm440 mm, 730 mm535 mm, 730 mm610 mm, 905 mm
Working MediumWater (8-20 °C)Water (8-20 °C)Water (8-20 °C)Water (8-20 °C)
Max. Pressure3.0 bar3.0 bar3.0 bar3.0 bar
Weight35 kg75 kg115 kg135 kg
On WheelsNoYesYesYes

Accessories and spares:

Spare / AccessoryPress type / capacityPrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
green, coarse mesh
(One comes free with the press!)
Press Bag for Zottel hydropressVS35 (35 litre)£24.17£29
VS100 (100 litre)£32.50£39
VS160 (160 litre)£39.17£47
VS250 (250 litre)£44.17£53
white, fine mesh
Filter Bag for Zottel hydropressVS35 (35 litre)£95.83£115
VS100 (100 litre)£112.50£135
VS160 (160 litre)£133.33£160
VS250 (250 litre)£166.67£200
rubber membrane
Bladder for for Zottel hydropressVS35 (35 litre)£104.17£125
VS100 (100 litre)£179.17£215
VS160 (160 litre)£204.17£245
VS250 (250 litre)£249.17£299

Multipurpose stainless steel vessels:

SizeVolume (l)DiameterHeightPrice (ex VAT)Price (incl VAT)
Small35 litre40 cm30 cm£116£139
Medium60 litre47 cm35 cm£133£159
Large95 litre56 cm39 cm£158£189

PLEASE NOTE: shipping of the multipurpose pots and other spare parts is free if you order them together with the press. If you order them separately we will give you a quote for shipping as they will come direct from our continental supplier.

Additional information

Size (capacity)

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(35, 100, 160, 250 l) All-Stainless Steel Waterpress, Apple & Cider Press”

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