Pulpmaster with bucket

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If you have an effective drill, this is a cheap way to prepare apples for small presses (upto 12L). About 6lbs/3kgs of apples should be quartered before processing. Attach blade shaft like a drill bit, then slowly drill down to the bottom of the bucket, stir the apples and then repeat the process. The smashed apples can then be put in the press.

  • stainless steel blade
  • foodsafe plastic

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 26.5 × 25 cm
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We are first time users of fruit press, so was not sure what to expect. The buckets with the cutter blades to chop up the apples works well, however we found that using a 240v drill, rather than a cordless drill reduced the pulp better and finer, and produced far more juice easier. The bag was put into the press and it was filled with pulp. It worked well but I then made my first mistake, I pressed the pulp, then put another bucket of pulp on top and pressed that, then put another bucket of pulp on top of that. It got to the point that the pulp was so well packed the juice could not get out, so the pulp was very wet after the press. I then filled the press with pulp from a 240 V electric drill on Ferrari speed, filled the bag in the press to the top and pressed it. The juice that ran out was far in excess of my original attempt, and had to slow down on the screw so the juice did not overflow the drain on the press. I used a large pan, I think it is about 12 litres to catch the juice, and found that I was getting around 1.5 to 2 pans of juice per press. The setup worked better than I had expected it to, but next time I would do a few things differently. The first is to ensure that the press is firmly fixed to the floor, this save dancing around the garden with the press in one hand and the handle in the other. The other thing I will try next time ( this year ) is to make more of the round wooden plates that go in the press and use one plate per bucket of pulp, I think I will get more juice by applying more pressure to the sections of pulp. For the last few years I have been paying to get my juice pressed. The cost of all the equipment, including a pasturiser, cost around a quarter of what it would have cost to pay to get the apples juiced, plus my daughter, myself and the dog, who loves apples, had a really good laugh doing the job, for a day of fun with my daughter, worth twice as much, with free juice !!!!!, dog did not moan either. A word for the wise, ensure that the temp gets to over 90 degrees when pasteurising, and use new tops each year, don't scrimp and use last years tops as I have had issue with a lot of bottle where I used last years caps. We are more that happy that we purchased these products, and would recommend them to anyone thinking of doing the same, this year I think cider is going to on the menu!

Paul Williams

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