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Screw press is the best!

If you’re looking to buy a press, there are many different types available today: hydropresses, hydraulic presses, pneumatic presses and many others. Here at we believe that the traditional screw press has many advantages over the more modern versions, especially if you are not a large-scale, commercial juice maker:

  • A traditional screw press can be used anywhere. It doesn’t need electricity or water taps next to it.
  • The screw press is reliable. Very little can go wrong during the all important harvest time. Other equipment can suffer from breakdowns, leaking watersacks and pipes on the very day that you need them. Even if spares are stocked nearby, or the machine is still under warranty, this leads to long delays.
  • Maintenance couldn’t be simpler. Before use it needs some vaseline or food-safe oil on the thread, and after use it needs a thorough clean.
  • Excellent yield. The screw press may be slower than some, but a quicker pressing extracts less. Overstrong mechanical pressing can also extract the worst quality juice, leaving the fruit bone dry, but leaving you with poor quality juice. Unless you are Superman, this does not happen with a traditional press. The speed and cleanliness of the pressing can be increased by putting a net (for example insect netting) around the pulp.

  • The traditional screw press has been used by millions across the world and has passed the most difficult test of all – THE TEST OF TIME! The presses we sell are made of pressed steel. This is so strong that even huge commercial presses are made of it. One of our fruit presses here at Ten Acres is a 100-litre screw press. It will last a lifetime and more!
Our most popular screw press and crusher combos for garden or a small orchard:

The KS18 and DIY hobby crusher combo is our most popular combination. This product combination is ideal for a garden orchard.  If you are a small scale juice maker these two products will give you long years of service.

Cross beam fruit press KSX14 and DIY hobby fruit crusher combo is also very popular. Why not mill your apples straight into the basket? This practical combo saves time and effort. Once you’ve crushed your apples into the stainless steel basket, simply swing the cast iron cross beam back into place, tighten the wing nut and start pressing. Easy!

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