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The traditional fruit press can be used on all kinds of fruits, such as hard fruits, like apples and pears or soft fruits such as grapes and berries. We are always happy to give advice on how to choose. Just call Toby on 01837 83892. Or if you would like to see and handle the equipment before purchase, come and visit us at our showroom at Ten Acres Vineyard Camping, Winkleigh, Devon, EX19 8EY.

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How do the presses work?

Fasten the legs of the fruit press to the work surface. Place a food-safe tub under the outlet. Oil the thread of the screw of the fruit press with a food-safe oil (for example vaseline or rapeseed.) Then fill the press basket/cage with fruit pulp as high as you can. All hard fruit needs to be pulped before pressing, either by hand, or using our mills, crushers or scratters.

A reliable fruit press is all you need.
A reliable fruit press is all you need.

Each of the fruit presses has a slightly different type of wooden pressing block or metal pressing plate, which you then put on top of the fruit pulp. This block or plate is then screwed down from above, if you are using a cross-beam press, or by a nut on the central thread, if you are using a traditional screw press. Hydraulic presses do not have a central screw.

Don’t hurry the pressing. You will extract more juice with a slower pressing. When the handle or spanner arm becomes difficult to turn, take a break, and when you return it will be easier.

If you press down far enough for the handle /arm to touch the top of the basket, you will need to use the wooden blocks to press further. Release the nut and place the wooden blocks provided on top of the wooden pressing block, and then tighten the nut again. It may be necessary to build up a stack of blocks two by two to finish the pressing.

Apples can be pressed dry in one pressing, but grapes are taken out, the pulp is broken up, and is then returned for a second pressing.

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