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Fruit crushers / Apple mills

Apples must be pulped before going into the press.  You can do this with a wooden pole in a tub, if you have the stamina! However, more convenient and faster for larger quantities, are our wide range of apple crushers, mills or ‘scratters’.

The manual option mills and crushers are suitable for presses of up to 30L – depending on how many people you have to help.

Some apple mills can take whole apples, so you don’t need to cut the apple into halves or quarters before feeding into the machine. Our most popular of these is the Stainless-Steel Apple Scratter or Grater. It is really like a rotating grater. Simply place apples of any size in the hopper, place a food-safe plastic tub or bucket in front of the shoot and turn the handle. This efficient little machine can shred about a bucketful (5kg) of apples in about three and a half minutes. The non-stainless-steel version is fine for vegetables, but is not so suitable for acidic fruit. These ‘scratters’ are probably our best-sellers as they are mounted on a stand, so there is no awkward set up.

Our Czech Stainless-Steel Apple Mill can cope with whole apples too, and can be put on top of a cross-beam press, or suspended (eg. between two chairs) above a bucket or tub. Then put the apples in the hopper and turn the handle. It is equally as fast as the apple grater/scratter (one bucketful or 5kg in three and a half minutes.) You can also change the rollers on this mill, and use it for grapes. The Vigo Hobby Apple Mill is a budget alternative of very similar design, although the mill rollers are shorter. This makes it slower, but a little easier to turn the handle.

Our apple crushers are machines where you need to cut the apple in half (or quarter large Bramley-style) before you put them in the hopper. Like the mill above, they also need to be put on top of the press/bucket or between two chairs.

They crush effectively and the design of the crushing rollers in each is identical. What does vary though is the amount of assembly you need to do. Some of them arrive flat-packed – for example the DIY Hobby Fruit Crusher and the Wooden Fruit Crusher. They need some time (about 20 mins) and a small Philips screwdriver to put together.

Others can be simply assembled in a minute. For example, the Hobby Fruit Crusher and the Apple Crusher with Flywheel. The difference here is the heavy cast iron wheel. It means that, once you have the momentum, crushing is much easier. This is also true of the Vigo Classic Apple Crusher. The Vigo mill also has the advantage of stainless-steel rollers, as opposed to the cheaper alloy used in the other crushers.

For presses of 30L or over (unless you have a team of workers) it is probably more sensible to use electric mills/crushers. Some of these stand up on the floor. Others, like the ESE-018 and ESE-055, can be fitted to a work surface, or positioned to feed directly into the press.

If you are ever in Devon, you are welcome to come and handle/view the machines for yourselves. Please email or call before you visit.


Shiona B.
Verified ownerVerified owner

It performed very well but was hard work. At our age (77 & 74) it was an effort. Maybe we should have bought an electric one but we believe in hard work so will use it for a few more years. Good exercise!

9 months ago
Nicola J.

We already have a cider press and wanted an easier way to process our apples prior to pressing.  The scratter was ideal - we quickly processed all the apples from 3 trees in an afternoon and have it stored away safely ready for next year.  The device is effectively a large grater.

4 years ago
Alan L.

I was thoroughly pleased with my purchase last year of the stainless steel apple scratter. Much quicker and easier than using the drill and bucket method. It really speeded up the time it took to make my cider. I was able to produce more juice also. I have already recommended your website. Looking forward to this year's pressing.
I also appreciated your speedy delivery!

4 years ago
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